Life in a choir is not just about rehearsals and concerts, and in Schola Cantorum we take time to socialise and do things together, such as going to one of the student nation pubs after rehearsals, parties (with lots of singing), and trips within and outside of Sweden.

On the road to somewhere.
Choir weekend at Skuttunge community center.
Dinner. With songs.
After choir pub.
Clementine break.
Christmas party. As always, with singing.
A Jane Austen themed party at Länna manor.
Nocturnal serenade.
Schola gazing out over the sea.

In the Making

To conclude the spring term of 2018 we are planning on going to Germany and visit Erfurt and its surrounding environs, following an invitation from a previous choir member. We will perform in concerts at various churches and make field trips following in the footsteps of Bach, among other engaging activities.

Gotland, June 2016

Following a very successful Vivaldi concerto, the spring term ended with a trip to Gotland, where the choir held concerts at Väskinde’s church and Dalhem’s church. Various outings were made, based in Visby, and the choir got acquainted with rauks, ruins, ringwalls and tandem bicycles.

On our way to Gotland.
Hot pursuit.
The Blue Lagoon.
Undead scholists lurking in shadowy alleys.
At least we can sing.
Väskinde's church.
Pizza evening after the concert.
On the ring wall.
Dalhem's church.
In Schola we support each other.
Schola frolicking in the grass.
Visby nightlife.
Tandem bicycling.

Turku, May 2015

During Ascension Day weekend in May 2015, Schola was on a tour based in Turku, Finland. Concerts were held at Turku Cathedral and Central Pori Church. The repertoire consisted of a variety of styles: British Renaissance, Italian Baroque, and majestic late Romanticism era works – accompanied by Andrew Canning’s ever spotless organ performance. Works by Scholists Zacharias Ehnvall (”Se, Guds tält står bland människorna”, 2013) and Oliver Lindman (”One Thing I Ask of the Lord”, 2015) were also performed.

Schola in flag formation.
Central Pori Church.
On our way to Turku Cathedral.
Together with Turku Cathedral Youth Choir.
Rehearsal in Turku Cathedral.
Concert in Turku Cathedral.
In Turku Castle.
Sightseeing in Turku.

St. Petersburg, June 2013

In 2013, we held concerts in St. Petersburg, Russia. Among other works, we performed ”Se, Guds tält står bland människorna” by Zacharias Ehnvall, written specifically for Schola earlier that year.

Gotland, 2012

Following a summer concert at home consisting of a repertoire of Swedish summer music, Anglican treasures and sacral music from the Renaissance, Schola went on tour in the region of Gotland and sang at Visby Cathedral, among other places. A video recording from the concert in Dalhem’s church can be found here and in the image slides below.

Rehearsal in Dalhem's church. Press the play button to see a video recording of William Byrd: Kyrie (Mass for 4 voices).
The choir outside Dalhem's church.

Paris, 2010

During Ascension Day weekend, Spring 2010, Schola was on tour and choir trip in Paris, France. It was the tour premiere for the new Schola and consisted of sightseeing and singing at the Church of Sweden in Paris, the Institution for Nordic Languages at Sorbonne University, as well as a lunch concert at Notre Dame.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.
Lunch concert in Notre-Dame.
Swedish Church in Paris.